Socio-technical System Design

Large complex systems are systems, which consist of various elements and have emerged functions. These systems are optimized at the design, however the complexity and the scale are getting extremely larger during their lifetime because of the deployments of high technologies such as information technology and artificial intelligence. In modern days, we are facing with many significant problems caused by large complex systems. These problems are difficult to be solved in a single discipline. Interventions to the system may cause unexpected sub-effects to overall system behavior through connected system elements.

To solve these problems, perspectives from several academic disciplines, such as engineering, information technology, economics, business administration and domain specific knowledge, are necessary to be integrated. We work on following items.

  1. Development of methodology for designing systems by systems approach, which identify objectives, functions, behavior and dependency of system elements.
  2. Development of methodology for communication and collaboration of teamwork to integrate multidisciplinary experts by mutual understanding on the bases of systems approach.

Our lab applies, we apply systems approach to marine transportation system, shipbuilding industry and information system integration industry to create structures of industries by utilizing advanced technologies.

The research topics include applied researches to the industry and diversions of basic research. One of the applied research topics is the development of accuracy measurement system for large size assemblies using laser scanners. Development of information system for on-demand transportation and the experimental operation is the representative research topic of diversions for the society. We work on the activities from design to implementation phase to make impacts on our society.

Research Topics

  • System Design Cases for Industry
    • Technology Infusion for digital transforming industry and society
    • Decision support methodology for evaluating IoT technologies in maritime industry
    • Applications of 3D point cloud data
    • Robot tank system/Data management for Laboratory equipment
  • Systems Design for Society
    • Design of remote monitoring service of elderly
    • On-Demand Transportation
  • Model-Based Design for Engineering Project
    • Architectural design of complex engineering project
    • Global team design
  • Informatics for historical study